Optimal Design and Operation of Power-To-Gas System for Storage of Renewable Electricity and Interaction with the Electric Grid

   In this project, we study and optimize the design and operation of a power-to-gas (P2G) system for the storage of renewable electricity and bi-directional interaction with the electric grid. The P2G system is mainly composed of PV panels, a high- or low-temperature electrolyzer and a methanation system to produce and liquefy methane. A CO2 district thermal conditioning network (a patent of EPFL) and the natural gas network complement the system.

Power to Gas Integrated System

During the project development, the design of the system will be investigated for different operating modes. Additionally, the project will demonstrate benefits of the innovative, advanced electricity storage systems in the perspective of the future Swiss electricity grid. An analysis of the opportunity to address the variations in the electricity supply and demand will also be completed. In particular, analysis of the proposed approach will be considered when integrated with renewable energy sources to comprehensively compare the thermo-economic performance of the system with alternative available solutions.

Contact: Raluca Suciu

Project-related publications

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